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The rebirth of a Château…

Thanks to a gorgeous agricultural terroir and a brand new winemaking winery, Arnaud and Elisabeth de Villeneuve Bargemon, aim to new and great ambitions for the future of their estate. The estate was founded in 1802 and has always been run by the family generations to generations. In 2009, they took over the estate from a member of the family, and they always kept the same motto: keep the cultural heritage of the family and perpetuate the agricultural know-how.

Thanks to them, the vineyard has known a huge and a complete reorganization with the construction of a new winemaking cellar and new installations which allow the evolution of the estate whith the help of an oenologist, Gaëlle Remy.


An estate rich of its History

Archeological excavations showed a wine and an olive growing farm with tanks, amphoras and mill which testify the Gallo-Roman era. Since 1530 the estate has been the property of the de Boutiny’s family, ancestors of the current owners.

In 1802 after a family division of the estate, Château les Mesclances expanded on 110 Hectares surrounded by wooded hills. The ancestral vine passion, heritage of the family is growing centuries to centuries. The young generation, with the help of all the family has became worthy successor.

An innovative Estate

The latest buildings, built in 2010, presents a winemaking cellar, a bottling room, a laboratory and a wine-tasting room which allows our clients to appreciate the quality of our wines in a convivial place.

The new wine-making cellar presents 10 to 200 hectoliters stainless -steel vats and 50 to 95 hectoliters concrete vats. All of these vats are linked with two refrigerated units.

An estate rich of its terroir

The vineyard’s area is 33 hectares. On this vineyard, there are 20hectares of vines classified as Appelation Controlée (formely AOC and now AOP) and 13 hectares of vines classified as Indication Géographique Protégée (IGP). The totality of the Estate represents 110 hectares of lowland cereals cultivation and forests.

The Estate presents two terroirs:

- In South, the schist hillsides are very sunny and produce aromatic and powerful wines: AOP La Londe Côtes de Provence.

- On the lowland, two rivers follow the estate, wich constitute a rich and deep slightly sandy terroir, wich produces light and bright IGP des Maures wines.

Its grape varieties and its culture

Its grape varieties are: Syrah, Mouvèdre, Grenache, Cinsault, Rolle, Ugni Blanc, Tibouren, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon.

These plantations are divided on several plots of vines to offer a sunny diversity and favourable terroirs to create excellent blendings.

The estate uses sustained farming with a strictly high controlled use of pesticides. Since 2020, Château les Mesclances is organic certified.